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Please take time to thoughtfully fill out the information below. This helps me understand where you're at, what support you need, and if we would be a good fit together in this coaching space.
(ps i love you)


(AKA what I'm all about)

The Sacred Rebel is unified in mind, spirit, body, and heart

Rebel Mind thinks creatively, fully turning over the rocks others leave unbothered. We ask “why” because we are the bringers of change. We learn deeply, looking for holes and lies and dusty prisons labeled as tradition. We are sharp. We use our creativity for beauty and for liberation. We chart the new way. We are courageous of mind.

Rebel Spirit shines so brightly that others find their own light. We are the playfulness of life. We are the gravity of life. We are all and in-between. Our spirit heals in softness and fights with honor. We are the truth bringers. We do not fit in any box. We smash the prisons of genre and then hand others our axes to do the same. We leap and cry during the free fall. We leap and laugh. We leap and fly. We are courageous of spirit.

Rebel Body is uncontainable. We feel the pleasure of softness and the power of muscle. We move for no one but ourselves. Our life is a dance. In grief, we spin. In joy, we spin. All is the sacred chaos of our dance. Our tongues taste lovers and plants and blood and rain. We are here for the all of it. Body is our wise leader, and the rebellion is in following her endlessly. We are courageous of body.

Rebel Heart loves unbidden. It shatters the earth with love. It brings mountains up from the ocean with love. Our hearts grow beyond the confines of our bodies. It is impossible how we love and yet we do. Love for ourselves liberates ancestors and frees our future lineage. Our love burns lies. Our love is god of all. The rebel is many things and the rebel is also only love. We are courageous of heart.


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