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Pay full retreat cost ($777)


Three month payment plan: 3 payments of $259


Aryaloka Buddhist Center
Newmarket, New Hampshire


Friday, Sept 2, 4pm -

Sunday, Sept 4, 4pm


$777 includes single room lodging and all meals


Your heart needs nourishment, support, rest, play, and craves to be truly seen and held by yourself and others

*all retreat guests must provide proof of covid-19 vaccination*

  • I've never been to anything like this before.. how can I tell if I'll like it?
    First of all, I want to acknowledge that "retreat" is a totally weird term. You probably aren't alone if you're imagining a bunch of hippies calming walking around barefoot 😂 To help you get a better understanding of the vibe we'll share, here's some info to help you decide if it's right for you: This is designed for normal people. You don't need to be a zen master or a bendy yogi or an eternally smiling vegan. In fact, you probably won't love this retreat if you love exaggerated spiritualism. And you definitely won't love it if you aren't okay with swearing, not taking ourselves too seriously, and sharing conversations about real shit while also making sure we're having fun Everything we'll do together is optional. Don't like the group activity we're doing? Cool, don't do it. One of the main goals of this retreat is to decondition ourselves from trauma responses that encourage us to just go with the flow even when the flow doesn't feel good for us. Some of the time, we'll hang out all together. I'll guide us through some self-discovery activities, we'll do a couple yoga sessions, we'll talk and share what's going on for us, we'll eat delicious food. And you'll also get some "unplugged" time alone every day to walk forest trails, play and make art projects, journal, reflect, or take a nap in your private room. *This retreat is introvert-friendly* 🤓 You'll leave the end of the retreat feeling: Loved Validated Cared for Empowered Creative Recharged and rested Reconnected to your purpose Deserving of the shit you want Certain that you truly belong Sure that your voice matters Ready to handle whatever is next for you
  • Food is SO important to me. Will I be hungry the whole time?
    NO. Absolutely no no no. Girl, trust me. I have been to wayy too many "spiritual" retreats where the people seem to magically subsist on leafy greens and meditation... and meanwhile I'm one more green smoothie away from hangrily biting someone's head off. This ain't how it'll be. We aren't just "catering" the retreat, the food is part of the retreat. Ala is an amazing professional chef. Food is her passion, it's how she loves people. The last time I saw Ala, she showed up to our friends' house with biscotti because "it's always good to have biscotti," along with individually wrapped herbs from her garden to make the most beautiful mocktails I've ever seen. So, yeah... You get the picture. She's created our retreat menu with the theme of balancing your chakras. It's amazing. It's delicious. And there will be plenty of food. And desserts. (Don't care about chakras? Even if you've never once thought about your Root Chakra, you'll be in love with the deep red of the spiced quinoa porridge with raspberry compote and toasted seed granola 😉)
  • Is there stuff to do during free time?
    Yes! During free time, you'll have so many options. For example: Explore 14 acres of beautiful forest with walking trails along the Piscassic River Bring a provided watercolor kit outside and let the playful, creative inner child parts of you play Pull one of the provided oracle cards and reflect on what thoughts come up in response to it Bring some of the provided flowers outside and create a flower mandala on the forest floor Take a nap in your private room or outside on the grass Request a private Reiki session with Ala, or a coaching session with Hannah Journal with provided prompts to go deeper into the topics we explore together Read through one of the many books provided in Aryaloka's library Talk with new friends, or enjoy some time in silence Dance, meditate, stretch, or do yoga in one of Aryaloka's beautiful studio spaces Build a fairy house outside by yourself or with another sister Practice letting yourself relax and be, without defaulting to old patterns (phone, tv, etc)
  • What happens in the group sessions?
    Every group session will begin with a short guided practice to center you in your own energy and boundaries, because: This retreat is all about reconnection, and the first stage of being able to reconnect with anything outside of yourself (like nature, inspiration, creativity, and with other people) is truly being connected to yourself. We often automatically act from well-practiced trauma responses instead of creating space and time for our nervous systems to speak to us, and receive what they need so we can instead act from a place of empowerment. I only want you to participate in things that feel good to you. So we always start off slowly, making sure that you do want to participate. And if you don't, we have time to find something that feels better for you And once we do get started, here are few of the things we'll explore together as a group: Healing from communities (spiritual, familial, societal, relational) that made you feel like you had to change in order to belong Connecting with your intuition and trusting what it says How to know what you want, how to get it, and feel like you really deserve it once you have it Boundary setting: why it's so hard, and how to feel good while doing it How to make big changes: feeling brave and scared at the same time…but still feeling 100% okay and not totally freaked out afterward How to share authentically without having a “why tf did I just say that” vulnerability hangover
  • What if I don't want to do one of the group activities?
    Nothing at this retreat is mandatory. Part of the work I'll guide us through is realizing just how often we go along with things that we don't actually want to do. We'll explore ways we can get more deeply in touch with what we actually want, rather than just automatically following what everyone else is doing. Now you might be wondering... "But what about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone? Isn't that important?" Our comfort zones exist for a reason! I'll guide you to get more closely acquainted with your true boundaries so that you can see/feel/recognize the different between habitual patterns you're ready to shift and needed safety. Growing involves moving outside of familiar patterns, but that doesn't mean moving into a triggering space. Gently moving outside of your comfort zone should only happen while you also feel safe, happy with the pacing, you and others understand your boundaries, and you have given consent for the activity. For every activity or conversation invitation, there will also be a reminder that you get to choose what you want to do. I'll always provide options and ways to change things if you desire accommodation. And if you decide to not participate at all, I'll celebrate the crap outta you for listening to your own damn self.
  • How intense are the yoga/movement sessions?
    Everything we'll do at this retreat is a practice of listening to what feels good for you. This includes the movement and yoga. This certainly ain't an exercise retreat. Are you a super dedicated yogi? Awesome! Never done yoga in your life? Perfect! The movement at this retreat is only another angle of reconnecting to ourselves and to our bodies: Sometimes when we invite our bodies into movement, it turns out they've been excitedly waiting for the opportunity to move more. And sometimes when we invite our bodies into movement, they've been patiently waiting for the opportunity to be truly heard and respected when their answer is "not now." Either way, it's all a gateway into getting reconnected to yourself. You can't screw it up.
  • What if I've never done yoga or meditation, and dancing sounds totally embarrassing?
    Honestly...That puts you in an amazing spot for this retreat. (And no, I'm not just saying that) My goal for this retreat is to create a space safe enough for you to explore new things at your own pace, with your own boundaries honored. As always, everything is optional. Everything is adaptable. Want to join the yoga class but only want to lay on your mat with a cozy blanket? Awesome, I love that for you! Want to try meditation but sitting still is torture? Cool, move while you do it bb! Want to attend the movement sessions but don't want to be looked at? Perfect, we'll set you up in a place where the group can't see you! If you're a beginner and feel apprehensive, keep in mind that: Yoga You can't be bad a yoga. Yoga isn't stretching and flexibility. As Yoga Teacher Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa says, "Yoga is not about self-improvement; it’s about self- acceptance." You could do an entire yoga session curled up in Child's Pose, asking yourself, "Can I practice 1% more compassion for myself in this moment?" Tada, you're doing yoga! Meditation Meditation is not about perfectly emptying the mind and having no thoughts. I mean, I guess if you're able to do that, awesome for you. But I've been meditating for 15 years and it hasn't happened for me yet. My approach to meditation is a practice of showing myself that I am willing to listen. Listening for what I think, what I need, what I feel, and what I desire. For some people, closing your eyes and breathing could launch you immediately into a stress spiral. That makes sense, and it doesn't mean you're doing it wrong, it means you need more support, which we'll create together. Dance If the word "dancing" freaks you out...fair enough. But if you've ever seen me "dance," you're probably aware that it isn't exactly something that would qualify me to DWTS, but gaddamn... giving my body permission to be exactly as she is and to enjoy movement and play and expression...that shit is so freeing and healing. Have you ever watched a totally uninhibited child dance around, with no idea if they're doing it "right," they're just letting their bodies move the way it wants to? They have no awareness of the concept that their body or their expression could be "wrong." The movement we'll do together is a practice of getting back to that. It isn't about dancing. It's about reconnecting to our bodies. Although we'll create space for free movement for those who love guidance-free expression, we'll also practice the SAH (Somatic Activated Healing) Method. This guided practice combines ecstatic dance, meditation, breathwork and mantra to support the awakening of human hearts. It leads to powerful self-revelations's really fucking fun.
  • Will it be awkward if I don't know anyone else who's going?
    One the top reasons that I left the stars and came down here to this wild little planet is to connect people. Will you feel awkward when you arrive? Maybe. And if you tend to feel awkward when you don't know anyone, well then it sounds like you probably will feel that way at first. Can you let that be okay? And just know, darling, that I'll be there for you. There will be other people feeling the same way. And my heart is jumping up and down with the excitement to show you how eternally and completely you belong here with us. And ya know what? This could even be something that you share with me so that I can better support you while you're with us: You: "Hey Hannah, I'm excited to join you but also I feel sooo awkward showing up when I don't know anyone..." Me: "Omg I've totally been there, that makes so much sense. Thank you for sharing what's going on for you, what would help you feel more at ease?" Maybe you have an answer. Maybe just sharing the feeling is enough. Either way, let's not let awkwardness stop you from being here, kay? Kay. Now for the logistics of what happens when you arrive: Upon arrival, Ala and I will welcome you (we're so excited to have you, have I said that?) We'll introduce you to anyone else who has already arrived, and then we'll show you to your room for you to get settled. Maybe you're ready to join the group right away, and maybe having some time in your room first would feel better. You get to decide. Then, the first thing we'll do as a group is gather and talk about the structure of the weekend. Sometimes we'll talk as a larger group, and sometimes we'll invite you into partner exercises. Either way, you'll get some time to ease into the group. By the end of the weekend, you'll be like, Wow and to think I ever thought these sisters were strangers... 👩‍❤️‍👩 TL;DR It's okay to feel awkward, shy, apprehensive, ALL OF IT. You still belong with all of it.
  • Will I belong here?
    This retreat is for women who want to reconnect to themselves, to their authentic self, and to do so while reconnecting with the community of other women. You don't need to be a "spiritual person" (whatever tf that means) You don't need to have been to events like this before You just need to be a woman who wants more. More depth. More joy. More inspiration. More community. MORE. And what does it mean to be woman? If you feel the knowing that you are a woman, then you are a woman. If you feel that you are woman, but that the expression of your existence also goes beyond only-woman, you are welcome. [If you have any questions or concerns about your belonging or safety at the retreat, please reach out to me at]
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